Monday, 15 April 2013

A Birthday and Food On The Go

This meal is called....Wehadno foodleft. Yep. 

Much prettier, cupcakes for my Dad's bday. I took my favorites parts of two cupcake recipes and made a new recipe. They turned out delicious! Light, fluffy and chocolaty. I topped them with a tofu icing that turned out quite runny, so I thickened it with Chia Seeds. It worked quite well in a pinch.  

Quick dinner before serving the cupcakes, roasted mini potatoes on a bed of spinach. I topped the potatoes with Mrs. Dash (herb and garlic) seasoning before going in the oven. I love simple dinners. 

My husband and I took his sister to the airport on the weekend. I'm going to miss her, but I made a new friend pretty quick! 

Plain oatmeal with bananas and cinnamon, a great breakfast before a Sunday run. Unfortunately, around the 4.5 km mark, I fell down. Another scraped knee, what am I, five?! Embarrassing...but worth it. 

Since you can't cook with a scraped knee ;) we decided to head to Mucho Burrito for dinner. I usually get the small burrito, but my husband said two mediums, it is HUGE! I couldn't finish it and had to give the last 1/4 to him. 

I love that they have vegan options! We order the veggie burrito with fresh veggies, since the grilled ones are fairly oil saturated. We also get rice, pinto and or black beans, fresh salsa, cilantro and jalapenos. Quite satisfying. 

Not cooking dinner allowed me time to make rice for lunches, using my favorite method mentioned in this post. I also was able to fill up the oat jars. I love having an open shelf in the kitchen displaying grains, beans, pasta, nuts and seeds. They are easy to grab and allow for roomier functional cupboards. Once I stock up on some more product, I will take some pictures of the grain shelves.