Monday, 18 February 2013

Organization makes it happen

Does this happen to you? You clean out a cupboard to reorganize. Upon returning with items for said cupboard, you realize you missed the opportunity and the space is now occupied? Empty spaces don't go unoccupied long around here...

In other not so news, I threw together a very simple salad on the weekend and it was surprisingly super tasty. At times I forget fresh herbs can really take a plate of food from meh to yum! That fresh herb was cilantro. It paired well with spinach, kale, red swiss chard, nutritional yeast and salsa.

I can whip up a salad like this in minutes since I make sure I keep my fridge stocked with washed leafy greens and veggies.

I did cheat and buy prewashed spinach, sometimes I like paying for a bit of convenience. I have noticed lunches have been really easy to throw together since starting this regimen. For our salads, we often use square Ziploc containers. I use the round ones of the left for spices and left over dried goods.

Since I usually top my salads with fruit and don't use any dressing, clean up is a breeze. After a salad I always finish my lunch with a grain or root vegetable, beans and more veggies. I bring this in a Pyrex dish, as seen below and remove the lid to heat.

Doing this small amount of prep on the weekend takes little time and effort. Being prepared ensures I have healthy meals and snacks, since I always have something to go home to or pack with me. Having practical storage containers keeps the process simple. You know those infomercials when the Tupperware is exploding out of the drawer or cupboard? Don't let that be you...Uh oh, I'm starting to sound like one. But for real, we find that sticking with a few container sizes and one or two brands keeps everything going smooth. No losing lids or the drawer jamming, or getting pancake mix in your hair (it could happen!). Now that I'm all organized, I guess I should take my lunch to work.