Thursday, 7 March 2013

Weekday eats

Some meals I have been enjoying lately, keeping me energized and happy!

Toasted Silver Hills The Big 16 bread, with apple sauce, banana, Bosc pear and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Big bowl salad. Field greens, kale and a chopped ambrosia apple. I often stuff celery and carrots on the side to snack on before I eat my big bowl salad.

A smaller salad :( Spinach, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, salsa and nutritional yeast. 

Strawberry spinach salad. And the ingredients are just that, strawberries and spinach. No oily or sugary dressing slowing me down. If you don't do salads without dressing, I think splash of orange juice mixed with a dollop of maple syrup might be a nice addition.

Vegetable stir fry. A comfort food for me. My dad would make many stir frys when I lived at home. They were always filling and fresh. Thanks Dad <3

A mix of brown basmati rice and red rice, cooked with my favorite method from Pinch My Salt, adapted from Saveur. Topped with cherry tomatoes, torn spinach leaves, sprouted chickpeas, nutritional yeast and a splash of Bragg seasoning. 

I've had some great runs this past couple of weeks, including fun intervals and tempo runs. My fruit intake has also gone up, especially bananas. Will definitely try to eat one before most of my runs.