Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Back in The Kitchen

Now that work isn't so busy I have been able to put a little more effort in to the creativity of my meals. I love throwing together rolled oats, apple sauce, almond milk, triple berry mix and cinnamon. I bake it in my toaster oven till bubbly and slightly brown. I like it better than a crisp since the fruit is still in tact and there is no added sugar.  

I played around with a roasted tomato hummus on the weekend. It was quite good but I want to experiment with it again before I post a recipe. Surprisingly it had the most flavor when paired with a snap pea. 

Spring rolls from Happy Herbivore Abroad with a few adjustments. I didn't want a heavy sauce so squeezed a bit of lime juice in between bites. Refreshing dinner on a hot day. 

Sometimes you can create something so tasty out of left overs. My parents had lentils and peas in their fridge, so I reheated them, placed them on a bed of spinach, crumbled a few Guiltless Gourmet Chips, and drizzled on some left over pasta sauce. After the photo I tossed on nutritional yeast which took it to another level. 

Since my mom wasn't around for Mothers Day...I decided to celebrate without her anyway, with waffles! I used PC Blue Menu Whole Wheat Pancake Mix. Since the recipe calls for eggs, milk and oil, three things this girl don't eat, I substituted soaked chia seeds, almond milk and apple sauce. They turned out great!