Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Chips, Pizza and Sorbet

Busy busy at work last week, luckily we had beautiful fruit plates to keep us going. I admired my co-workers display. 

"What u doing? Taking a bad photo?" 

 I have been wanting to try other kinds of whole grain rice besides Basmati and found California Brown Rice at our local Superstore. This short grain cooked up less starchy compared to a long grain and was a bit chewy. Nice for a change. My husband said it reminds him of rice you would get in a restaurant, ha. 

Baby romaine greens, left over iceberg head lettuce, black beans, cherry tomatoes, nutritional yeast and a squeeze of lemon juice. Quick and refreshing salad.  

I have been looking for these chips ALL OVER! I gave up a while back after searching many stores only to find they have discontinued carrying them. You'll never guess where I accidentally found them. Winners, yes, WINNERS. LOL I bought four bags in my excitement. I may go back for more, but I don't like to have too much processed food in the house at once. 

That is why I only bought one box of these. I like the name because that is exactly what they are, rolls of crunchy rice. A little expensive, around $4 a box, but a fun low fat vegan treat.  

I had the baked (not fried!) Guiltless Gourmet chips with cherry tomatoes dusted with nutritional yeast. Be sure to check the ingredients if you are vegan or dairy intolerant as the spicy black bean flavor has cheese. 

Very excited to find out there was a Vegan Pizza House only a half hour drive from us AND right by the beach! 

We ordered half Garden without Daiya Cheese for me and Greek for him. It looked so pretty I couldn't wait to dig in. Unfortunately we are quite picky regarding pizza crust and found it a bit greasy and soggy. Sometimes there is something to be said for making a chain restaurant work for you or making pizza at home. 

It was such a beautiful night we walked almost the entire strip and down the pier. 

And look what I found on the way! Cheeky me, I have been here before and couldn't wait to spot it during our walk. I snapped a photo so quickly, not wanting to seem like a creeper, so there is some glare in the Raspberry Gelato. Among the gelatos are dairy free sorbets. There was green apple, lime, mango, and strawberry. My husband mentioned there was pineapple, I think I will need to go back again to confirm. 

I was a little hungry since I didn't each much of our pizza, so I got two scoops of sorbet. Last time I tried the green apple and lime, this time I opted for mango and strawberry. It was perfect on a hot sunny night.